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Don’t You Wanna…Nacho! Nacho!

A favorite of those large and small, nachos are a choice with which you cannot go wrong.  Myrtle Beach is a dining-out heaven.  With such a wide range of options, here are some suggestions to narrow down your search. No worries, no need to travel far, there are plenty of restaurants to satisfy the nacho craving within a ten mile radius of Landmark Resort.  Many of them are VMB Card members, meaning a discount awaits which brings an even better taste!

  • Tipsy Turtle Pool Bar you cannot go wrong with if you wish to conveniently stay within Landmark Resort grounds.  They have a classic nacho option along with many other appetizer choices.

  • Fiesta Del Burro Loco is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area. There is a restaurant with indoor seating, closed porch seating as well as bar seating.  Burro Loco does not have just one or two types of nacho options, they have five!  Check out the menu here! Plus, they are VMB Card approved!

  • Loco Gecko Beach Shak is located right off the beach on South Ocean Boulevard, only a half mile away from Landmark Resort!  Here you can walk off the beach and get your nacho on seafood style with their Pincher's Dip & Chips which has lump crab meat and guacamole or their Macho Nachos piled high with the nacho works! Click here for the menu.

  • Salsarita's Fresh Cantina is a unique Mexican place that allows for the guest to build their own nacho order by giving options of ingredients.  They also have items like the Casarito (the saucy burrito) and Mexican pizzas! Click here for the menu.

  • Banditos is an ocean front Mexican eatery with outdoor and indoor seating.  It is a beautiful addition to the beach equipped with a bar and a menu containing many unique food options. There is a classic, a shrimp and a hummus type nacho option.

  • Nacho Hippo is an obvious nacho choice and a favorite nacho place of many.  This restaurant has a whopping twelve nacho items on their menu!  This is one place perfect for a nacho eater that likes his/her options and is highly suggested as a nacho place that will not be a letdown.

  • For more options on dining and attractions available with discounts for VMB (Vacation Myrtle Beach Member Benefits Card) card holders, Click here. Enjoy your nacho experience!


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