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The Best Places to Watch the Sunrise

In Myrtle Beach the sun finds it hard to hide behind the trees and the vast ocean's water gives it away every day.  If 

Watching the sunrise in Myrtle Beach, SC

you are staying at Landmark Resort then you most likely have a keen view of the ocean, sand and sky. 

Check the weather forecast for your visit so that when waking for the sunrise, you are in position and ready for its rise.  Although glaring at the sun directly is not advised, (it will win that staring contest) it is an opportunity to be taken in watching the sky and ocean be illuminated by the light as it chases away the night.  Here are some special places to experience with your spouse, friends or family, the rising sun.  

Your Balcony:

Family on the beach in Myrtle Beach at sunrise

If you have booked your room at the Landmark Resort, then simply stepping out onto your balcony can give you a cozy and comfortable view of the day as it begins. 

For the ultimate viewing experience, be sure to opt for an oceanfront unit, rather than ocean view. The in room coffee maker will steam up some hot beverages for you and make for the ideal beginning of your vacation day.


Springmaid Pier:

Rise and shine before the sun and travel south just a few miles to find Springmaid Pier.  The pier opens at 6:00 am which leaves time for you to catch the sun rising in the sky, depending on the time of year.  Since you will already be up and at it, grab breakfast at one of the many surrounding dining places, or head back to Landmark's Gazebo Restaurant for a hearty breakfast. 


Market Common:

This nook placed a few miles south of Landmark Resort is beautiful any time of day and night.  Valor Park, located in the heart of Market Common, is impossible to miss. Between the walking paths, the pond filled with ducks and geese and the swings and benches, Valor Park makes for the right romantic spot to watch the sun come up.  The shops and certain restaurants may not be open with the sun, yet there is still much to explore here. 


Landmark's Beach Entrance:

There is no way to get closer to the action, ocean air and cool relaxed feel than on the beach itself.  Simply ride the elevator down from your room, take a few steps forward and you will soon find yourself on the soft sand next to the glowing ocean.  Before the sun has a chance to heat up the sand enough to make your feet uncomfortable, go barefoot and enjoy the cool particles beneath your feet and partake in the beauty that is life in the sky. 


Whether you usually wake up with the sun, or are making this a special occasion, be sure to appreciate the wide open spaces that the beach offers, and the wide open time that vacation offers.  From sunrise to sunset and beyond, make sure you’re ready for one spectacular vacation.

Click here to find and book your perfect accommodations so you can enjoy the morning beach sunrise! 

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