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What’s For Dinner? Myrtle Beach Restaurants – Landmark Staff pick of the week: SoHo

Where do we go for dinner? This is probably the toughest question you face every day while you’re on vacation. The Grand Strand is home to literally thousands of restaurants featuring cuisines from every corner of the world right alongside traditional southern favorites. Let our staff at The Landmark take some of the pressure off, by sharing some of OUR favorite places to eat.

This week’s staff choice:  SoHo

Who Picked It: Neil in Reservations

Why they love it:  Hip atmosphere, awesome Sushi

Last Visit: About 2 weeks ago with his girlfriend. They shared several sushi rolls and sampled the different varieties of saka 

What’s on the menu: At SoHo, diners enjoy an eclectic menu of sushi, Japanese Hibachi and Mediterranean. Locals’ favorite menu items range from signature sushi rolls to edamame stuffed ravioli to our incredible hummus to full dinner entrees. Don’t miss the Buddha Roll on the sushi menu, and the Tuscan Tilapia is something you’ll talk about for months after your vacation. SoHo is renowned for its ultra metropolitan atmosphere and a great place to stop for a nightcap. 

Where they are: SoHo is located on 21st Avenue North, between Kings Highway and Ocean Blvd.


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