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What’s For Dinner? Myrtle Beach Restaurants – Landmark Staff pick of the week: Mykonos

Where do we go for dinner? This is probably the toughest question you face every day while you’re on vacation. The Grand Strand is home to literally thousands of restaurants featuring cuisines from every corner of the world right alongside traditional southern favorites. Let our staff at The Landmark take some of the pressure off, by sharing some of OUR favorite places to eat.

This week’s staff choice:  Mykonos

Who Picked It: BJ, the Front Office Manager

Why they love it:  Great food in a unique atmosphere. It’s something different.

Last Visit: BJ and his wife enjoyed a night out away from the kids in January.

What’s on the menu: Mykonos offers a Greek Fusion style cuisine with many Mediterranean favorites.   Start the evening with Dolmades (rice stuffed grape leaves), Greek Nachos,  Marashiano clams or a Grilled Octopus Salad.  Followed by entrées like Moussaka (Greek Lasagna), Chicken Yahnni or hand cut filets served  ‘Euro-Fusion’ style, dessert is probably the furthest thing on your mind, but just in case, Mykonos serves Baklava ala mode and Ryzogalo (Greek rice pudding) in addition to traditional favorites. Mykonos also has an awesome wine list and they serve signature cocktails from the bar. After dinner, Mykonos transforms into a trendy nightlife spot with a large dance floor, intricate lighting and an awesome sound system with dj’s and live entertainment. 

Where they are: Mykonos can be found at 1002 29th Avenue North, right across from Broadway at the Beach. Reservations are recommended, but never required.  

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