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Stay on Track and Keep Healthy, Even While on Vacation

Yes, most vacations are a time for indulgence and worry free living, but you do not have to let it affect your healthy lifestyle.  Yes, there are plenty of temptations and reasons to be lazy on vacation.  You do not have to use that as an excuse to slack on a diet or your exercise schedule because there are many options to easily keep you on track while still enjoying every drop of your vacation.

The Amenities!  You need not worry of getting off track with your gym or running routine because Landmark Resort has a gym open with long accommodating hours.  

Havana Java BarIf the gym is not your style and you prefer running, then what better place to run than the beach!  Right outside your hotel is the best running track there is.  A more invigorating workout is to be expected when running or jogging on the sand.  It is a beautiful place for you to relieve stress while you listen to, feel, observe the ocean and break a sweat all at once. 

The most fulfilling and full body workout is attainable with no sweat off your back.  The luxurious lap pool at Landmark Resort gives you a chance to swim, free of splashing children and flying balls and floats.  Come here in the morning for the most serene swim experience before the sun becomes harsh and the world fills with noise. 

Landmark Resort has food options as well that are geared towards healthy decisions of what to put on your plate during all dining times.  Havana Java Bar is perfect for breakfast with their bagel options, apples, bananas, oranges and coffee, which can be low-calorie if you have it with skim milk.  Latitudes Bar & Grill and The Gazebo Restaurant offer low carb and salad options.  Even dessert can be sweet with a frozen yogurt, (healthier than ice cream) from the Sugar Shak Frozen Yogurt Bar.

Do not stress about your health-conscious living because at the Landmark Resort, they are all about encompassing varieties of options on everything to accommodate the individual.  

*Select amenities are only available to Landmark main building guests.

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