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Fun things to do in Myrtle Beach – Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…set sail on a Pirate’s Voyage!

One year into the brand new show at the former Dixie Stampede, Dolly Parton’s ‘Pirate’s Voyage’ offers fun, feast and adventure for those ship wrecked on the shores of Myrtle Beach. Landlubbers and sailors alike will delight in the stunning ariel feats as pirates sail through the air from the high mast of 2 ships set in the midst of an aqua sea.  Enjoy the acrobatic antics of the first mate and his mateys as they sing and dance you through a feast big enough to fill the gut of the surliest of sailors.

Get to the show early and enjoy torrid tales of the high seas, sung by Jack Sparrow impersonators, and treat the little ones to a Pirate make over. Who knows, they might get picked to participate in the show, as there are several scenes that involve members of the audience participating in bucket races, bell ringing and duck chasing. That’s right, duck chasing.

Different than Dixie, feasters are given a fork with their dinners (don’t worry, eye patches are available in the gift shop, should there be any ‘accidents’), but the menu remains mostly the same. Your feast begins with a cheddar biscuit and creamy veggie soup, followed by half a chicken, a rib of bbq pork, chunky homemade mashed potatoes, and buttery corn on the cob. To combat scurvy, diners are treated to a dessert of a flaky apple turnover.

Cheer for either the Scarlet or the Sapphire pirate as they compete for Davey Jones’ treasure. Or cheer for Dolly Parton herself, as she sings a siren’s song along with beautiful mermaids, suspended high above the sea. Reservations are required for this fantastic dinner and show, and dates often sell out in advance. Tickets and reservations are available directly through the golf and entertainment office at The Landmark Resort Hotel. 


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