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Fun things to do in Myrtle Beach – New Zip Line Course opens near The Landmark Resort

Imagine you and 5 of your closest friends perched precariously on a ledge with only a single rope between you and the kiss of concrete 6 stories below.  As you gaze out over the vast Atlantic Ocean, you begin to ponder if that extra helping of bacon and grits at breakfast was such a good idea after all. You’re just about to change your mind and head for the stairs when your professional, experienced zip technician gives you a friendly ‘nudge’ and suddenly you’re soaring through the air at speeds of up to 40 MPH. You arrive safely at the other side, and just when you think that you may NOT need that spare pair of clean underwear you packed ‘just in case’, you suddenly find yourself in a 60 foot free fall, screeching to a halt mere inches from the concrete. 

Congratulations!  You’ve just experienced Myrtle Beach’s newest and most exciting attraction ‘Myrtle Beach Zip Line Adventures’, brought to you by Adrenaline Adventures. Located at the site of the old Pavilion amusement park, this zip line course is sure to give even the most seasoned adventure seekers a thrill that they won’t soon forget. Safe and suitable for adventurers between 40 – 275 lbs, the Myrtle Beach Zip Line Adventure combines an amazing view with jaw dropping, heart pounding fun. For additional information, you can visit their website at


Located just a few blocks away, The Landmark Resort is the perfect spot for thrill seekers to regroup and relax after a day of high flying and free falling at this awesome attraction.

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