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A Knight to Remember – Feast with Kings and Queens At Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach

Ever wondered what people did before silverware was invented? Here is your chance to find out! Feast with friends and Royalty while enjoying an evening of outstanding horsemanship, jousting and sword fights at Medieval Times, located at Fantasy Harbor in Myrtle Beach. Every table at the tournament of champions gets their very own serving wench who will tell you that here, your right hand is your fork, your left hand is your spoon, and you can use your neighbors sleeve if you need an extra napkin.

Enjoy a hearty tomato bisque and garlic bread as you watch stunning Apaloosian stallions prance and promenade through the arena, demonstrating years of training and natural grace.  As your wench begins serving the main course of roasted chicken, a bbq spare rib, and roasted potatoes, you’ll be tempted to duck and cover as the King’s falconer releases his bird of prey to swoop and swirl over the audience in a stunning feat of aerial acrobatics in search of a tasty treat. Don’t let the heart stopping action of knights jousting and sword fighting stop you from enjoying dessert of a warm apple turnover. In the end, only one knight can win the heart of the princess, but not before battling multiple foes on beast and foot. All the while, you can sip signature cocktails from souvenir glasses available from 2 full bars. Don’t want to miss any of the action? Call for your wench to keep your glasses full. 

At the Landmark Resort Hotel, we give you a vacation to remember, and we offer discounted tickets to Medieval Times to make your knight to remember, a night that is more affordable. Be sure to stop by the Golf and Entertainment office on the lobby level to make reservation.

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