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3 Things to Know About Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

If you love golf, there's little more exciting than a trip to South Carolina to visit the scores of Myrtle Beach golf courses. The entire Grand Strand is simply saturated with links, from simple courses designed to teach beginners how to play all the way to championship-level courses designed by big names like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. 

Here are 3 things you can expect from Myrtle Beach golf packages:


The best attribute of all of the Myrtle Beach golf courses is the range of challenge you will enjoy-- no matter what level of play you're at, you will have not just one, but several options within your play range.  No matter what your greatest challenge is -- if you're still learning not to slice, or if you're mastering placing a high wedge shot to drop and stick at sixty yards -- there are Myrtle Beach golf courses with lessons to teach you.

Moreover, at any level of skill, there are always places you can go to watch and learn from someone in a class above yours.  PGA tournament pros frequently practice in the Myrtle Beach area, and while they obviously keep security tight, you can often learn just by catching a view of them on the fairways while you listen to the gossip at the café.


Of course, if you're a duffer and you're only in it for a chance to get some sun in a beautiful natural environment (without too much sand), there's still plenty for you at Myrtle Beach.  Some courses even use their natural beauty as obstacles, placing massive, hundred-year-old oak trees smack dab where you'd most like to put the ball, lining the edge the green with stunning mosses, and otherwise plaguing you with the prettiness of the course.

Then, there are the links where simply getting to the green for your tee time can be a challenge. Some links, for example, have thousands of feet in bridges over beautiful wetlands just to get across the front nine.  Others sprawl across such varied terrain that the course evolves from near-desert to near-jungle over the course of 18 holes. 


Of course, the links themselves are only one part of the total experience you get at the various Myrtle Beach golf courses. The other amenities -- which range, depending on the club, from a simple shop to multiple coffee stands; chipping, putting, and driving ranges; a lunch boutique; and of course various deals with different restaurants and hotels in the area wherein a few rounds of golf can save you up to half off on your dinner and accommodations.

What's better, that deal can work the other direction as well -- if you're not a Myrtle Beach native, ask your travel agent.  You can often find deals and offers like half-off on a day or three of golf from your resort if you get a skilled negotiator on your side. See if your agent can throw in a rental car or some meals on the side, and you can book an extraordinary vacation at one of the many Myrtle Beach golf courses for a startlingly low cost.

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