What Room Type is Best for My Family

Sabrina Dorfman's avatar By Sabrina Dorfman

When thinking about the type of living quarters that would best accommodate your family, there are a few factors to ponder over.  How do you feel about sharing a room with your children?  Are they able to share a double bed?  Will you be eating in the room or be dining out for the duration of your stay? What does a wet bar include?  Do you prefer oceanfront, ocean view or an interior room?   No matter how picky your preference, Landmark Resort has enough variety to satisfy all your wants and needs when it comes to comfort, quality and reasonable pricing. 

Room types: No matter which you pick, there will be a balcony included with any choice of room.  From a family of four to a group of ten, there are an array of choices to fit you all in perfectly:

Wet bar:  For the easy cooking ideal you may need, Landmark has you covered in these areas.  Here is a list of things you need not bring because you will find them in your wet bar.

Four of each: dinner plates, soup and salad bowls, cups, saucers, drinking glasses, eating utensils.

Three of these: mixing bowls

One of each: Vegetable peeler, can opener, bottle opener, cutting board, coffee maker, ice bucket and tray

Although it is suggested for a vacation to not be spent in the room, Landmark believes in quality and comfort for their guests in every part of the resort. With all of these choices, you cannot go wrong which you choose.  Good luck finding the one most suited to you!





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