Shopping List for Your Week at Landmark Resort

Shopping List for Your Week at Landmark Resort

Sabrina Dorfman's avatar By Sabrina Dorfman

Just a few blocks away from Landmark Resort is Food Lion, a grocery store that will supply your short term stay so that you may prepare and cook food in the comfort of your hotel suite. Below are some ideas to jump-start your shopping list!

As for breakfast in the suite before you start the day, here are some fill-up fast foods that will start you off in the right direction with the brightest of energy:

Eating Watermelon on the Beach

Chances are your family will be out and about on the beach, in the pools, and enjoying the surrounding entertainments during the day.  Your children will constantly be hungry to replace all of the energy they burn off while having fun.  Here are some suggestions for what to bring with you when you are out and about in Myrtle Beach that only require a cooler or a to-go bag. Many of these items can be eaten solo as a snack or combined for a tasty afternoon sandwich or wrap:

Sandwiches and small snacks work most efficiently for outdoor lunches and it will save you time and money so that you may maximize your time at the pool, beach and more. 

If you decide to eat in a few nights while you're here at Landmark, then you will need a few, easy-to-make dinners from the grocery store. Here are some suggestions:

Other quick dinners can be achieved with the following:

Landmark Resort wants you to enjoy the amenities in your room and around the resort, so for when you do decide to go out for a meal, be sure to check out their restaurants as well for delicious meals right on property or enjoy cooking in if you have booked a suite with a kitchen

We can't wait to see you here and hope you have a fun time creating delicious meals for your family while enjoying your vacation!

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