Baking Biscuits for our Barking Buddies-Landmark Snowbirds bake for the Grand Strand Humane Society

By Landmark

In January of 2012, our Vacation Myrtle Beach snowbirds sponsored the Grand Strand Humane Society. During events like special theme dinners and bingo games, our retired visitors from the north collected donations of cat and dog food, toys, treats, and cleaning supplies for the Grand Strand Humane Society. They also had the opportunity to attend a special orientation that would allow them to volunteer to walk the dogs and play with the cats who are awaiting adoption.

One of our more notable events for the month was held on January 12 when a group of our snowbird guests got together to bake dog biscuits to take to their furry friends. The recipe included things like rolled oats, peanut butter and whole wheat flour, so not only were they yummy (to the pups), but they were healthy snacks. Our snowbirds spent the afternoon in The Gazebo at The Landmark rolling, cutting and baking tasty treats for all the dogs at The Humane Society.  


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